About Us

Meet Joe and Heather Devine, the passionate owners of Devine Reptiles, your ultimate source of reptile entertainment!

Joe Devine, the charismatic show presenter, brings his expertise and enthusiasm to every event. With his extensive knowledge of reptiles and skillful curation, Joe ensures that each show is an educational and captivating experience. From showcasing the dinosaur-like bearded dragon "Rafiki" to introducing the show-stopping 14 ft. Reticulated Python "Fiona," as well as 7ft Boa constrictor "DJ,"(DJ is amazing for photo ops) Joe knows how to engage and entertain audiences of all ages.

Behind the scenes, Heather Devine takes charge of transportation, scheduling, and set-up, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Her meticulous planning and organizational skills guarantee that Devine Reptiles arrives at your chosen location promptly, ready to create an unforgettable experience for your event.

Together, Joe and Heather Devine form a dynamic team, dedicated to delivering exceptional reptile entertainment. Their passion for educating and entertaining shines through in every aspect of Devine Reptiles. With their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Joe and Heather ensure that your reptile experience with Devine Reptiles is nothing short of extraordinary.

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